Friday, August 3, 2012

Why you should exercise your face muscles too.

We often hit the gym to tone our biceps, triceps, buttocks or about every muscle in our body but we tend to forget to exercise our face.  Need to tone up those chubby cheeks or double chin?  No problem.  This exercise can be done anytime, anywhere!  Try them at your desk at work, in the car or in the shower.  No weights necessary just consistency and funny faces needed. :) 

It might sound or look silly but exercising your facial muscles will save you from future sagging.  Simple facial expression exercises help tighten your facial muscles and will help shave off years fom looking older.  Seems logical right? Since you exercise to tone your others muscles why not your face muscles? 

Take a look at the video below featured on The View.  This particular show talks about facial exercises and gives some demonstrations.
Simple and effective.

Don't worry the silly faces will pay off.  Cheers to looking fit and fab!

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