Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to order smart at Starucks the low calorie way.

Admit it.  You are a Starbucks junkie.  Something about their coffee and other beverages keep you coming and craving more.  It may be a pychological thing.  Perhaps it feels "cool" to keep up with the social trend or perhaps you are simply just a plain addict. You come in smelling coffee odorless and walk out smelling exactly like your lover(coffee)! Mmmmm...the smell of Starbucks. I can enjoy a cup any time of the day.

However if you are limiting your calorie intake you may feel leary visiting your favorite coffeehouse.  Have no fear, you can still order from Starbucks feeling guiltless.  There are other options to choose from.  Here are a few low-calorie drinks to consider.

Smarter ways to order.
-Ask for 2% milk, lowfat or non-fat milk
-Add soy instead of milk. Why soy? Soy contains fiber and protein.  It also does not contain bad chloesterol.
-Skip the larger sizes.  Order "Tall" drinks instead. 
-Ask for sugar-free syrup or ask about other smarter options to have your drink sweetened.

Order plain coffee with no added sugar or substitutes. I know it sounds boring but this will help shave off calories and the sugar intake.
Here are some ideas of what to order and how many calories they contain.
-Nonfat Capppucino - 60 calories
-Caffe Americano - 10 calories
-Nonfat Caramel Macchiato - 140 calories

-Latte's are excellent choices for a low calorie expresso drink.  Starbucks offer "skinny" lattes.  What is skinny?  No whip, non-fat milk and sugar-free.

Try ordering these low-cal expressos.
-Skinny Vanilla Latte - 90 calories
-Caffe Latte - 150 calories
-Nonfat Vanilla Creme - 150 calories

Teas are the wisest choice.  Tea contains ZERO calories.  Have it with hot water or iced.  My favorite is Matcha Green Tea.  To decease your calorie intake while drinking Matcha Green Tea, skip having it sweetened(no syrup). For Matcha Green Tea lattes, ask for non-fat milk.  For fraps, ask for "no pumps and no whip."

Other teas to try.
-Tazo Full-Leaf Tea Latte - 150 calories
-Soy Tazo Chai Tea Latte - 180 calories
-Tazo Iced Passion Tea(unsweetened) - 0 calories
-Tazo Iced Tea Lemonade - 100 calories

Low-cal Fraps
-Order light fraps.  Light fraps have no whip and contain 2% milk.  That saves 110 calories!
-Caramel Frappuccino Light blended coffee - 100 calories
-Coffee Frappucino blended coffee - 180 calories

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