Friday, August 3, 2012

Get inspired with Jennifer Nicole Lee

Need inspiration or extra motivation to help you reach your weight loss goal?  Get inspired with Jennifer Nicole Lee!

I discovered this sculpted mother of two on  Aside from Jennifer Nicole Lee, was on one of my tweets and is highly recommended! It is a perfect exercise and diet motivational tool. 

Back to Jennifer Nicole Lee(JNL).  JNL lost 70 lbs from being 200 lbs heavy and successfully transformed herself to acheive a lean and muscular body.  Not only is she a triumphant of weightloss, she also became a fitness guru and is a successful author of many fitness books to name a few Fitness Model Diet and her first book, The Mind, Body & Soul Diet and many more.  She has also been featured on "Oprah", "Inside Edition" and "The Early Show" and has exercise DVD's.  JNL has been crowned "Miss Bikini America" and holds other awesome titles.

Check out her first episode of "On the Go" on here.   Here you will get her personal tips on exercises and her nutritional guide/diet.  You can also obtain fitness tips on her website:

Fit and fab mamas, get inspired for Summer and for your lifetime.  I am!  Thanks Jennifer Nicole Lee! 

Follow her page on Facebook: Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Celebrity
Twitter: THEJNL

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